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Territory Markers, made by local Navajo Artisans, are available at Teec Nos Pos Trading Post. The territory marker represents an old fashion Native American taboo symbol. As the name implies, this item was used to mark the individual's or Tribe's boundaries. It was intended to be a scary object which would bring bad events to those not permitted to pass the marker. The bone knife at the bottom was used to stick the Territory Marker in the ground near a path to the home or camp.

Territory Marker Front View
Territory Marker Side View

The marker has a coyote skull with deer horns and is wrapped in coyote pelt. The skull is attached to a wooden shaft and a simulated elk bone knife is attached to the other end of the shaft. The shaft has a soft buckskin wrap and fine bead work. Feathers are attached by leather straps to the eye sockets of the skull. Each creation is unique and the variations depend on the artists "in the moment" feelings and the available materials.

Territory Marker Coyote Skull

Typical retail price for a 26 in. tall Territory Marker is 145 US$. Special orders are available for selected items.
Please contact us for availability.

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Bead & Leather Wrap
Bone Knife

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