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Since the time of ancient Pueblo people (Anasazi), Native American healers have used smudging for purification. This is based on  the consideration for the sick person not being able to make the journey to nature. Smudging means using the smoke and scent of a smoldering aromatic plant to purify a space of toxic energy, feelings, thoughts, or spirits and to create a fragrant atmosphere that attracts healing and helping powers. Many Native American people use smudge as a daily ritual; it cleanses the home and work-space and makes them more health promoting.

The Teec Nos Pos Trading Post has  maintained the old fashion trading post traditions, which includes providing some of the medicinal plant products for the traditional Navajos. Smudge sticks available at Teec Nos Pos Trading Post include white sage, pine needle, and sweet grass. Each has a unique use in the smudging ceremony.

 White Sage Stick                               8 in by 2 in DIA
 White Sage 0597bb

Medicinal potency is largely dependent on strong aromatic smell. Can be consumed as a hot cup of tea. Primarily used as a smudge stick for cleansing ceremonies, to drive out bad spirits, feelings, or influences, and also to keep bad spirits from entering the area where a ceremony takes place.

 Pine Needle                                     7 in by 1.5 in DIA
 Pine Needle Stick

Cedar tree needles are long and narrow, and are rich in minerals that reflect sun light. The needles are used to prepare smudging sticks. This smudging stick is good to use in all situations where there is depression, and the need to bring more positive thoughts and light to the body and soul.

Sweet Grass Rope                     28 in by 0.6 in Wide

The long blades of sweet grass are braided to create a rope that is aesthetically beautiful. The rope has the distinctive sweet smell of open grassy plains. The sweet grass smudge brings in the good spirits and the good influences. Frequently used to bless people and their transportation. Burning sweet grass smalls amazing.

Sweet Grass 5b 
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