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Dear Antler Peace Pipes, made by local Navajo Artisans, are available at Teec Nos Pos Trading Post. There are other types of peace pipes used for different purposes (e.g., the war pipe).The peace pipe is frequently used by a Medicine Man in a spiritual ceremony. He and selected ceremony members will smoke from the pipe and say a prayer to the four sacred stones (mountains). The tobacco used in these ceremonies is not of the nicotiana genisus but is a natural entheogen substance believed to generate the devine within for a spiritual experience.

Peace Pipe Full

These Navajo Dear Antler Peace Pipes come in several sizes and each is a unique creation. The bowl and mouth piece are made from antlers (deer or elk). The design for the bowl of the pipe varies with the artists conception for the specific antler.

Pipe Bowl Side Pipe Bowl Top

The stem is made of wood with soft buckskin leather wrap and delicate bead work. The stems of the larger peace pipes usually include a small medicine pouch and a leather wrapped circle fetish. The decorative strap below the pipe is a combination of wood beads, thin slices of antler, and feathers. The source of the feathers vary from water fowl to wild turkey.

Pipe Mouth Tip

Typical retail price for  23 inch long Peace Pipes, like that shown above is 165 US$.

Special orders are available for selected items.
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