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The plant commonly called greenthread, has been used as an herbal medicine by Navajos and other Native Americans for many hundreds of years. It is used to make a beverage tea, called Navajo Tea, Hopi Tea, or Indian tea, to reflect its use by these populations. 

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The herb grows over much of the plains and mountain states, reaching up to Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Still, its main use is in the Southwest, and the plant grows abundantly on the Navajo Nation. The extended range of habitat is made possible by the fact that several species exist, some only at high altitude, others growing in the plains, and virtually all of them can be used to make greenthread tea.

When the Navajo gather herb plants, such as greenthread, tradition has taught them to practice respect for Mother earth by offering a prayer of gratitude and to never take more than can be used. That is, leave some behind to be the foundation for the next season of growth. It is a sipitual journey.  

Greenthread is closely related to another herb, bidens, in the same plant family. Bidens is widely used in Chinese medicine, as an anti-inflammatory and to inhibit stomach irratioin induced by stress or by elevated levels acid in the stomach. There is little if any scientific proff for these claims. Active ingredients in greenthread (Navajo Tea) include; Luteolin, Luteolin-7-0 Glucoside, and Marein (Ateya).

Fortunately, the good taste of Navajo Tea is adequate reason for it's coinsumation. most frequently, Navajo Tea is prepared as a hot beverage. However, it is a very pleasant drink when presented as an iced tea. The taste is similar to that of standard green tea, with a slight aromatic taste, and a hint oif nut flavor. Frequently, a sweetner of sugar or honey is used.

Navajo Tea Stems and Bag

The Navajo Tea, sold at Teec Nos Pos Trading Post, is available in as either a bunch of stems or a bag of leaves, small stems, and dried flower blossoms. Prices are 1 US$ for the bunch of stems and US$ 6 for the bag of leaves, stems, and blossoms.

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