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Navajo Artisans include fine art weavers of rugs. The Teec Nos Pos Trading Post has a long history of supporting these artisans by being a source for purchase of their fine art. Each rug is a unique creation by the weaver. The patterns and images vary widely with the geographical origins of the weaver. Our collection of Navajo hand woven rugs is extensive.

Rug Style Sand Painting 
Navajo Hand Woven Rug
Sand Painting Style

Rug Room Inventory

The Navajo Rug inventory is continually changing, as rugs are purchased from the weavers and sales made to Navajo Art patrons. We suggest you visit the trading post and select the specific rug that "Talks to You".

Mother Earth Father Sky 
Navajo Hand Woven Rug
Mother Earth / Father Sky Image

Tree Of Life 
Navajo Hand Woven Rug
Tree Of Life Image

Rug patterns and styles vary widely with the geographical origins of the Weaver,s family in the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation is the largest Native American reservation in the United States. A few of the many Navajo Rug styles are listed below.

Teec Nos Pos
Two Grey Hills

Strom Pattern

Sand Painting
Tree of Life

Teec Nos Pos is located on the north side of the Carizo Mountains. Since the early 1900's, the weaving style at this area of the Navajo Nation displays a strong Persian influence. This is probably due to early traders circulating photographs to give the weavers design ideas. Some feel there is a broader diversity of materials used in the Teec Nos Pos rugs than those from any other area of the Navajo Nation. Variations include handspun natural colors to brightly colored commercial yarns, which are combined in very inticately designed and well woven rugs. The Teec Nos Pos style rugs have great appeal to collectors.

Typical Teec Nos Pos Rug 

Navajo Hand Woven Rug

Typical Teec Nos Pos Style


Loom In Navajo Home

Loom In Navajo Home


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Monument Valley

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Navajo National Monument

Full Size Statue
"End Of The Trail"
End Of The Trail Full Size Statue

Carrizo Mountains Teec Nos Pos
Carrizo Mountains Teec Nos Pos