Teec Nos Pos Trading Post

The trading post is located, on the Navajo Nation, in an area known as the Four Corners, which is named for the point were the four States of Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico meet. In 1905 the original trading post was established in a canyon on the north side of the Carrizo Mountains. The canyon had a large stand of cottonwood trees and the community name of Teec Nos Pos (pronounced Tease-Nhas-phas) is an English variation on the Navajo words Tiis nazbas, which has a Navajo meaning of "circle of cottonwood trees". 

In 1959 the trading post was destroyed by fire and rebuilt at the current location, which was expected to be close to a proposed highway. Before this time the only access was a dirt road. The Teec Nos Pos Trading Post is on U.S.. highway 64 near (approximately 200 yd) the intersection with U.S.. Highway 160. This is less than 2 miles from the original community of Teec Nos Pos.

Four Corners Location Map

Navajo Nation Map

The above illustration is an excerpt from a North Star Mapping map "Road Map of Navajo & Hopi Nations". This map is in stock at Teec Nos Pos Trading Post and also can be purchased online at: http://www.northstarmapping.com

Another very good map is the AAA Automobile Club map "Guide to Indian Country". This map is in stock at Teec Nos Pos Trading Post.

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The Navajo Nation includes an area of more than 16 million acres. It includes major portions of the States of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. Also, it completely surrounds the Hopi Nation. The tribal populations of the Hopi and Navajo Nations were estimated, in 2000, to be greater than and 180,000. The Navajo Nation shares boundaries with a number of Native American Tribes. This truly is "Indian Country".
The Teec Nos Pos Trading Post is very honored to have been part of the eighteen volume mystery series created by Tony Hillerman (1925-2008). These novels featured fictional Navajo police officers Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn. A most beautiful and insightful tribute to her father can be found in the photographic journey through "TONY HILLERMAN'S LANDSCAPE" , by Anne Hillerman. The magnificant original photographs in this book are the creations of Don Strel. 
Tony hillermans Landscape

This book is in stock at the Teec Nos Pos Trading Post. The ISBN for this book is 978-0-06-137429-6. 

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Area Attractions


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Mesa Verde Ancient Ruins

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Monument Valley

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Canyo De Cheelly National Monument Rock Art

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Full Size Statue
"End Of The Trail"
End Of The Trail Full Size Statue

Carrizo Mountains Teec Nos Pos
Carrizo Mountains Teec Nos Pos