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The Teec Nos Pos Trading Post was established on the Navajo Nation in 1905. It has faithfully maintained the old fashion trading post traditions. The community name of Teec Nos Pos (pronounced Tease-Nhas-phas) has a Navajo meaning of "circle of cottonwood trees".

The Location of the Teec Nos Pos Trading Post is on the Navajo Nation, in an area known as the Four Corners, which is named for the point were the four States of Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico meet. The Teec Nos Pos Trading Post is conviently located to many unique and must see Attractions.

The trading post has a rich History. In 1905 the original trading post was established in a canyon on the north side of the Carrizo Mountains. In 1959 the  trading post was destroyed by fire. The first highway in the area was in the planning stage, so the post was relocated to an area close to the proposed highway. It was a succesful gamble and this is were the current Teec Nos Pos Trading Post is located.

In 1994  John McCulloch took over ownership and residence at the Teec Nos Pos Trading Post. He has maintained the tradition and relationship with the Navajos as was done by the original owners, the Noel  and Foutz families.

John McCuloch
John McCulloch
Trading Post Owner

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Our location is central to several unique and must see places. In addition, the trading post participates in several Navajo special events, which includes the wool and mohair harvest and the Pinon Nut Harvest. The later was spectacular in 2012.

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Full Size Statue
"End Of The Trail"
End Of The Trail Full Size Statue

Carrizo Mountains Teec Nos Pos
Carrizo Mountains Teec Nos Pos