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 Yá át tééh
Welcome to our website. In the Navajo language, Yá át tééh (pronounced "ya-ta-HEY") expresses "it is good" as in "it is good to see you" or "it is good to meet you". 

 Typical Teec Nos Pos Rug at Teec Nos Pos Trading Post
Navajo Hand Woven Rug
Teec Nos Pos Style

The community name of Teec Nos Pos (pronounced Tease-Nhas-phas) is an English variation on the Navajo words Tiis nazbas, which has a Navajo meaning of "circle of cottonwood trees". 

The Teec Nos Pos Trading Post, an old fashion trading post, was established on the Navajo Nation in 1905. It has faithfully maintained the old fashion trading post traditions initiated by the Noel and Foutz families. Hamblin Bridger Noel was the first white man the Navajos permitted to establish a post in this section of the reservation.


Tony Hillerman (1925-2008) used the Teec Nos Pos Trading Post in several novels, including his first The Blessing Way. His eighteen volume mystery series featured fictional Navajo police officers Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn. A most beautiful and insightful tribute to her father can be found in the photographic journey through "TONY HILLERMAN'S LANDSCAPE" , by Anne Hillerman. The Teec Nos Pos Trading Post is very honored to have been included in this book. The magnificant original photographs in this book are the creations of Don Strel. The ISBN for this book is 978-0-06-137429-6 and it is available for purchase at the trading post.


Teec Nos Pos is known for being the childhood home of Peter McDonald, former chairman of the Navajo Nation, and for its Navajo rug weavers. Collectors prize Teec Nos Pos rugs for their skilled artisanship and intricate designs. The trading post has a unique back room with an extensive supply of rugs featuring a wide variety of weaving styles. The back room also has an extensive supply of other Native American art.


The Teec Nos Pos Trading Post is were the local Navajos shop for their daily needs and sell their unique artistic creations; rugs, silver and turquoise jewelry, kachinas, bead work, and a variety of other crafts. Buckskins and baskets for Navajo traditional ceremonies are bought and sold (recycled). The Teec Nos Pos Trading Post has become a valuable resource for the Navajo sheep herders who sell their wool and mohair. It is the only remaining buyer on the Navajo reservation. Typically, over 160,000 lbs of wool and mohair are purchased each year from Navajos who come from as far away as Page, Lake Powel, and Grand Canyon (Arizona).


This Trading Post is a general supply store and also provides many of the tools and material required by the world famous Teec Nos Pos Artisans. The store has an extensive supply of books, with childrens books in Navajo and English. Our collection of Navajo hand woven rugs is extensive. An additional special feature of this Trading Post is the 24/7 on-site presence of the owner (John McCulloch).  

 John McCuloch
John McCulloch
Trading Post Owner

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